We the Black American Muslim faith and civic leaders reflect a distinct tradition within our country that is grounded in faith-inspired civic responsibility, community service, and political participation responsive of our community's social, political, and economic needs.

We are proud Black American Muslims and the product of some of the greatest social reforms of Africans who were once enslaved in our nation. Our local communities are integral and respected components of larger Black and urban communities who are often not organized in traditional Black institutions in key battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and more.

During the primary elections, a network of our leaders initiated the “Take Five” campaign, consisting of advocates registering five people to vote and then having each of those five people registering five more people. It is our intention to expand this civic engagement work and meet voter registration deadlines in our collective states.

The nation is aware that Black American Muslim communities are strategically located in key cities and states, which amplifies our ability to influence the election outcome on November 3, 2020. God willing, through the campaign's outreach and engagement, we will work together to build America back better for all who live here.